Global expertise in defoamers and foam control

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Our Research and Development department at PMC Ouvrie possesses a wide range of innovative equipment and systems, and is in a position to undertake studies concerning the most recent and emerging applications in the field of defoamers.

Thanks to its expertise, our development team endeavors to keep ahead of the most demanding legal requirements, thus proposing highly efficient solutions that respect the requirements of the different legislation so that our defoamers follow the best regulatory changes.

Why should you use defoamers and antifoams?

PMC Ouvrie's antifoams are very effective in controlling foam, increasing productivity and reducing production costs.
An antifoam enables you to:
  • Fulfill containers and vessels to maximum capacity
  • Prevent product losses from overflows
  • Increase production efficiency
  • Improve safety and housekeeping

What's the difference between an antifoam and a defoamer?

"Defoamer" and "Antifoam" are terms often used interchangeably to describe products designed to control or to prevent foaming. But as well as their chemistries, their effects are different:
  • Defoamer will be used in urgent situation, when foam already appears, and need to be eliminated quite urgently, before to reach harmful conséquences. (Post-Defoaming)
  • Antifoam will be used in order to control a situation, to avoid foam. (Pre-Defoaming)

  • Indeed, Antifoam are developed to prevent foam, whereas Defoamers eliminate existing foam.

    In concluson, the distinction between the different terms is somewhat blurried since in several industries combination of both effects is used.