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The generation of foam during fermentation processes is due to the presence of foam-active substances in the fermentation broth, escaping gas/air and turbulences within the fermenter.

Molasses and sugar derivatives and other substances or ingredients are the origin of foaming. Furthermore, yeast, amino acids and proteins, which are generated by the microorganisms during the fermentation generate a lot of foam.

PMC Ouvrie’s antifoam avoid overflow in the fermenter, which reduce drastically losses of product.

The low toxicity and specificity of PMC Ouvrie defoamers EROL™, BIOSPUMEX™ and CLEROL™ make them ideal for use in food and pharmaceutical industries. Our defoamers control the foaming common in the production of yeast, nutritional additives, amino acids, enzymes, antibiotics and vitamins.

ProductIndustryApplicationTypeRange°CFood ApprovalKosher / Halal certificate
CLEROL - Series
Food and PharmaceuticalAmino acid, protein, vitamins, additives, enzymes, antibioticsBlend of esterified surfactant 25 - 35°CAvailableAvailable