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From concrete and gypsum to joint compounds, mortars and tile cements, PMC Ouvrie spreads the wealth of its knowledge and sophisticated defoamers and antifoaming agents across applications for use in both commercial and residential buildings.

PMC Ouvrie defoamers DELFOAM™ & EROL™ defoamers minimize foaming commonly encountered in the production and application of mortars, adhesives and plasters.

PMC Ouvrie’s defoamers are effective in removing entrapped air in building products when the air content must be minimized. This is especially important for cement or anhydrite gypsum-based self-leveling compounds, which require a smooth surface appearance.

ProductIndustryTypeApplicationRange °C
DELFOAM DK/TBuilding & ConstructionPowderMortars10 -30°C
DELFOAM PK 15Building & ConstructionPowderMortars10 -30°C
DELFOAM DP 4Building & ConstructionPowderMortars10 -30°C
DELFOAM DKLBuilding & ConstructionLiquidMortars10 -30°C
DELFOAM B 69 CLBuilding & ConstructionLiquidPlasters10 -30°C
EROL 520SXBuilding & ConstructionLiquidPlasters10 -30°C