Defoamers for Mining & Drilling

Global expertise in defoamers and foam control

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PMC OUVRIE's full range of EROL™ defoamers maximizes the effectiveness of various drilling additives to improve yields, reduce production costs and minimize HSE footprint.

PMC Ouvrie’s offers a wide range of defoamers for the mining industry. We supply defoaming and antifoaming agents in the mining and mineral processing industries worldwide.

Our range of defoamers meet all current European legislation standards applicable to oil and gas drilling onshore or offshore.

EROL AMB 60MiningWax dispersion Mineral extractions rock attack & washing30 - 100°C
EROL AT41SMiningBlend of surfactantsMineral extractions rock attack & washing30 - 100°C
EROL AMB30 MOD1MiningWax dispersionMineral extractions rock attack & washing30 - 50°C
DELFOAM IDFDrillingBlend of surfactantsOil extraction20 - 80°C
DELFOAM V14DrillingFats dispersionOil extraction20 - 80°C