Defoamers for Pulp & Paper

Global expertise in defoamers and foam control

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PMC Ouvrie defoamers DELFOAM™ & EROL™ work to minimize foaming throughout the papermaking process, from preparation of pulp to the treatment of waste water passing through machinery and coating application processes.

PMC Ouvrie formulates solutions to achieve optimal manufacturing conditions and improved product quality in all stages of the wood to paper process, including pulping, paper making, paper coating and recycling.

EROL AMB 30Wax dispersionWashing / Evaporation / Waste water treatment20 - 110°CAvailable
EROL AMB 30 MOD 1Wax dispersionWashing / Evaporation / Waste water treatment20 - 110°CAvailable
EROL AMP 694Wax emulsionWaste water Treatment20 - 80°CAvailable
EROL AMB 1126Wax dispersionWashingAllAvailable
EROL SP1479Silicone emulsionWashingAllAvailable
EROL AMB 60Wax dispersionEucalyptus20 - 110°CAvailable
AMP 9042AWax dispersionWashing / EvaporationAllAvailable

EROL EAP 744Fatty Alcohol EmulsionWet End25 - 45°CAvailable
EROL EAP 279Fatty Alcohol EmulsionWet End30 - 50°CAvailable
EROL EAP 9073Fatty Alcohol EmulsionWet End40 - 65°CAvailable
EROL EAP 1114Fatty Alcohol EmulsionWet End40 - 65°CAvailable

EROL AT 3Blend of surfactantsStarch / Size press>20°Available
EROL AT 285Blend of surfactantsTissue / Wet end20-70Available
EROL AT 819Blend of surfactantsStarch / Size press20-55Available
EROL CD 234Blend of surfactantsSize press / Coating20-80Available
EROL AMP 19 MOD1Blend of surfactantsCoating<90°CAvailable