Defoamers for Leather & Textiles

Global expertise in defoamers and foam control

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PMC OUVRIE defoamers DELFOAM™ & EROL™ are used to eliminate foaming during all stages of leather and textile production.

In the textile area, a wide range of defoamers Antifoaming are proposed for wool, cotton, polyester, polyacryllic and other synthetic fibers.

In the leather area, PMC OUVRIE developed specific defoamers for wet processing. Our range of defoamers contributes to obtain a high quality result.

  • EROL™ 510 SX
  • EROL™ AMP 587

EROL 510 SXLeather & TextilesSilicone emulsionFinishing20 - 100°C
EROL AMP 587Leather & TextilesWax dispersion Finishing20 - 100°C
DELFOAM NS33Leather & TextilesWax dispersion Finishing20 - 100°C