Defoamers for Paper

Global expertise in defoamers and foam control

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PMC OUVRIE defoamers DELFOAM ™ & EROL ™ work to minimize foaming throughout the paper manufacturing process thanks to their defoaming and deaeration properties.

Our range of defoamers includes:

  • Fatty alcohol aqueous emulsions: for the treatment of the wet end and the treatment of waste water
  • Basically, water based defoamers (aqueous dispersion of hydrophobic materials) are used in the paper making process and are found efficient for deaerating the white-water. Depending on paper quality also other types of water free defoamers can be applied
  • Synthetic mixtures: for the treatment of the wet end, coating application and wastewater treatment.

Our defoamers are in compliance with FDA and BFR regulations required in the paper industry.