Defoamers for Pulp

Global expertise in defoamers and foam control

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Defoamers are used in chemical pulping processes. Controlling foam achieves higher process speed and cleaner pulp.

Our range of defoamers includes:

  • Oily dispersions: for the preparation of pulp, including washing, bleaching, and evaporation control.
  • Silicone emulsions: Silicone emulsion defoamers (silicone defoamers) are silicone compounds in waterborne emulsions.

Silicone defoamers control foam, relieving entrained air and lowering the surface tension of process liquors. Silicone defoamers improved operation in washing and evaporation stages and bleaching.

Our defoamers are in compliance with FDA and BFR regulations required in force in the paper industry.

Our customers are supported by qualified application engineers, supported by our R & D laboratory for the satisfaction of customers.