Defoamers for Other Applications

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PMC OUVRIE's range of DELCLEAN™ and EROL™ antifoam agents are used in commercial salt production, pork peeling, animal feed production, and animal protein extraction and processing.

Our range of defoamers is produced in compliance with HACCP rules.

ProductIndustryApplicationTypeRange°CAgrémentKosher / Hallal certificate
DELCLEAN - SeriesSlaughterhouseScalding pigs and peelingOrganics40 - 80°CAvailableAvailable
EROL X - SeriesSaltDistillation and evaporationSilicone emulsion>50°CAvailableAvailable
EROL X - SeriesBreweryCleaning tanks, FermentationSilicone emulsion>50°CFood GradeAvailable