Defoamers for Wastewater Treatment

Global expertise in defoamers and foam control

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PMC Ouvrie has defoamers’ family that control foam and entrained air in wastewater systems. PMC Ouvrie’s defoamers collapse and break down existing foam. Additionally, they remain on the water’s surface to prevent future foam formation.

The causes of foam in a wastewater treatment plant are varied. In secondary treatment systems, foam is normally caused by biological activity. It can also result from mechanical action, chemical contamination, surfactants in the influent or some polymer treatments. Apart from the cause, foaming in secondary treatment and final effluent areas can lead to environmental, health and safety issues.

PMC OUVRIE offers a wide range of products designed to prevent foaming-related overflow problems in aeration tanks while working to maintain ideal levels of dissolved oxygen.

In recent decades, PMC OUVRIE has developed a range of defoamers tailored to different stages of the wastewater treatment process and treatment of paint booths.

EROL AMB - SeriesWaste watersAeration tanksBlend of surfactants5 - 30°C
EROL AMP - SeriesWaste water / Spray boothAeration tanks / Cars paint sewageBlend of surfactants5 - 30°C
EROL X - SeriesWaste waterEvaporation Silicone emulsion>100°C
EROL EAP - SeriesWaste waterAeration tanksFatty alcohols emusion>20°C
EROL AT /ADT - SeriesWaste waterEvaporation / BiodigestorBlend of surfactants> 30°C