Defoamers for Metalworking

Global expertise in defoamers and foam control

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PMC Ouvrie's EROL™ defoamers have excellent wetting and dispersion properties to minimize foaming that occurs during the various stages of metal working: pickling, descaling, rust removal, passivation and machining. Compatible for co-use with cutting, quenching and water-soluble oils.
  • EROL™ ADT 29
  • EROL™ AMP 6073
  • EROL™ 65108 Base

EROL 65108 BaseMetal WorkingWax dispersion Metal working fluids30 - 100°C
EROL ADT 29Metal WorkingBlend of surfactantsSurface treatment15 - 40°C
EROL AMP 6073Metal WorkingWax dispersionMetal working fluids30 - 100°C