Global expertise in defoamers and foam control

PMC Ouvrie's range of industry-leading defoamers are suited for all types of industries. However, our defoamers are specially formulated for the sugar/alcohol distillation, paper, fermentation, agri-food, building/construction, biotechnologies, wastewater treatment and other Industries.

PMC Ouvrie is a premier manufacturer and developer of specialty esters for various applications, including emulsifiers, stabilizers, solubilizers, defoamers and antifoam solubilizing products. Our defoamers are a major element in Industries to ensure constant productivity regardless of the field.

Excessive foam occurs serious problems for processing of goods. An abundance of foam can reduce equipment capacity, increase manufacturing times, decrease product quality and impact safety. This is the reason why PMC OUVRIE is working very hard to produce defoamers and anti-foaming agents that reduce and hinder the formation of foam in industrial process.

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