Like 2 years ago, PMC OUVRIE has been awarded a gold medal in recognition of CSR achievement. We are please to share with you this award. This recognition was made possible by the recent implementation of following actions like: – Training of all administrative employees to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – Well-being training

PMC OUVRIE, the defoamers and anti-foam leader, has been granted a gold recognition level, by Eco Vadis, for its policy and actions to support sustainable development and the environment. PMC_OUVRIE_SAS_EcoVadis_Certification_14_05_2018

We are pleased to announce PMC OUVRIE was certified ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. The work done by the cross-disciplinary working groups set up to rate our main risks and opportunities gave an extra punch to the improvement of our system. Customer satisfaction is for a long time on top of our priorities.Certificats ISO 9&14

PMC Ouvrie now demonstrates its various market activities in a series of brief videos. Europe’s defoamer and anti-foam specialist was featured recently in a news report on the French channel CNews. You can view any of our videos – available in English and French – at the following link:

PMC OUVRIE, the European leader in antifoaming and defoamer, continues its commitment to sustainable development. Indeed, we have just earned the EcoVadis certificate, which is an acknowledgment of the policy and actions carried out in terms of sustainable development and the environment. Examples of Corporate Social Responsibility Actions: –       Formalized process in place to access and document environmental