Defoamers for Potato & Starch

Global expertise in defoamers and foam control

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PMC Ouvrie’s defoamer agents have been specifically developed for different application fields. Several formulated Defoamers are required to meet customer requirements.

Antifoam agents are added preventatively in order to achieve the best performance.

The antifoaming agent needs to be used in the process before foam occurs to minimize its dosing.

PMC OUVRIE's EROL™ defoamers control foam during the following manufacturing processes:

  • Processing of potatoes into fries, chips, flakes, and granules.
  • Starch extraction from wheat, corn, potato, and cassava.
  • Extraction of proteins from oilseeds, peas, cereals, and alfalfa.

Our range of defoamers is produced in compliance with HACCP rules.

ProductIndustryApplicationTypeRange°CApprovalKosher / Hallal certificate
EROL AP - SeriesStarchEnd UsersPowder Defoamer10 - 100°CAvailableAvailable
EROL X - SeriesStarchProcessBlend of Surfactants30-80 °CAvailableAvailable
EROL AMC - SeriesStarchPotato WashingBlend of Surfactants in oil5 - 35°CAvailableAvailable
BIOSPUMEX - SeriesStarchProcessBlend of Surfactants30-80 °CAvailableAvailable
EROL AMPG - SeriesPotato ProcessWash and Cut (fries, chips, flakes, granules ...)Blend of Surfactants5 - >80°CAvailableAvailable