Defoamers for Sugar Refineries & Distilleries

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During beet processing foam occurs due to foam active substances as non-sugar ingredients and amines.

PMC Ouvrie’s antifoam products are adapted exactly to the different stages in sugar production (diffusion, purification, evaporation and crystallization).

An optimum dosage of antifoam products by dosing pump allows not only destruction of foam, but also prevention of foam generation.

PMC OUVRIE defoamers EROL™, BIOSPUMEX™ and CLEROL™ eliminate foaming commonly encountered in sugar production and commercial distillation and minimize plant downtimes.

Our range of defoamers is produced in compliance with HACCP rules.

ProductIndustryApplicationTypeRange°CFood ApprovalKosher / Hallal certificate
EROL AMC - seriesSugarBeet WashingBlend of surfactants in oil5 - 30°CAvailableAvailable
EROL ADT or XDM - seriesSugar / EthanolExtraction / Purification / Liming / Evaporation / DistillationBlend of surfactants25 - >100°CAvailableAvailable
EROL ACF - seriesEthanolFermentationBlend of surfactants30 - 35 °CAvailableAvailable