Global expertise in defoamers and foam control

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PMC Ouvrie was founded in 1880. With experience spanning more than a century, the company is one of the major actors in the formulation of defoamers and technological auxiliaries for all industry sectors.

Situated in the heart of the largest agri-food producing region in Europe, at a major international crossroads (Paris – Brussels – London – Amsterdam – Hamburg), PMC Ouvrie is in a position to ensure prompt deliveries to any destination.

Our Services

Field Expertise

Our sales team can place its resources at the service of industry in order to find solutions to specific problems. More than 100 new products or new formulation of defoamers are developed each year, in partnership with our clients.

We remain at your disposal to ensure the smooth development, implementation and follow-up of our defoamer products, also to optimize their performance wherever possible.

Flexibility in Production

With a storage capacity of 6.000 T (bulk) and warehousing facilities of 8.000 m2, PMC Ouvrie is in a position to offer its clients both flexibility in the production of its range of defoamers and guaranteed lead and delivery times.

Our numerous production facilities and the flexibility they offer also means added security for our clients.

Production Site

Situated to the south of Lille (France), PMC Ouvrie possesses production facilities covering a wide range of processes to cover its entire production range of defoamers:

  • Saponification
  • Esterification
  • Powder impregnation
  • Simple blends (Kosher + Halal)
  • Phosphation
  • Dispersion
  • Emulsion of silicone and fats